Neurofeedback is a process which bathes our brain in healing frequencies, what we regard as “brain food”. This, in turn, allows our brain to make the corrections it needs to get us back on track and keep us on track. This marvelous organ acts and reacts quickly based on our past experiences and we take for granted that our conscious experience is correct whether it is or not.

    For example, if a person is deprived of sensory experience, e.g., sight, smell, sound, touch, taste and temperature, for a few days, the brain begins make its own experiences in the form of hallucinations. So our brain needs ongoing input. Neurofeedback does this in a systematic, rather than random, fashion, strengthening our mental fitness throughout each session.

    We now have the capacity to help that fitness process in a benign, non-drug fashion. We have helped many people who came to us with complaints of anxiety, depression, insomnia, attention deficit problems, tic behaviors, migraines, head injuries, chronic pain, to name a few.

    Our computer-assisted neurofeedback operates at the speed of 300 milliseconds and provides the brain with feedback about its own state and, essentially, our brain takes what it needs. Nothing goes into the brain. It is pure measurement just the way a doctor measures heart beat with a stethoscope. Neurofeedback appears to be a generic tool for mental fitness overall and helps people gain the timing and flexibility to function in a mentally fit fashion. While not everyone will respond to neurofeedback successfully, 80% to 90% of those who elect to use this process benefit by attaining greater mental fitness and better functioning.

    Check out the comments from past clients who have been through this process. We have also provided you with a page of current research on the effectiveness of this tool for wellness for several conditions. Neurofeedback is not an addictive process and the benefits tend to become permanent with sufficient practice.

    Our facility also has many tools for mental fitness that can be used at home to either enhance ongoing treatment here or used as stand-alone tools for wellness for a variety of conditions. I urge you to review those tools and select a tool that will help you attain and maintain the mental fitness you deserve. If you have any questions, please call us or e-mail. Click here for a list of the excellent fitness and stress management tools we can provide you with.